Friday, September 4, 2009

35 Weeks

Wow. Can't believe my due date is only 35 days away. Where has the time gone??? Life is pretty good. I feel good. More and more tired but that's normal, right??? I am starting to get the nesting instinct. I am planning to attack my fridge this weekend with a gallon of bleach and windex. The nursery is basically done. It just needs things put in their proper location. All of the clothese are washed and folded -- the babies, not mine! :) Andy is getting excited. He keeps sending me messages about the baby. I bought a Halloween costumer already. Our dog will be Shrek and the baby a Dronkey. It is adorable! I am getting bigger and bigger everyday day. I am hoping it is all baby though! Have been fighting off a cold/flu/sinus infection. Not sure what it is but I continue to infect everyone at work. Oh well!

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