Friday, March 27, 2009

Week 12

Wow I have been awful about keeping this thing updated! The last 5 weeks or so have been just dreadful! Morning - afternoon - night sickness has kicked in and all I do is vomit. I can eat pretzels and apples and that's about it, throwing in the occasional Mc'D's cheeseburger. I finally got a prescription this week for the nausea but it puts me to sleep so I really can't take it during the day while I am at work. A few weeks ago I started spotting so I went home from work. A week later I started again and of course freaked out. I ended up going in for another ultrasound. Everything was fine. They said a had a pool of blood gathering at the base of my uterus near my cervex so it leaking out into the cervex. They said they are pretty common -- like a bruise but I stayed home for a couple days because they didnt' want to aggravate it. My next OB appt. is April 1st. Since I am about out of the first trimester I think I'll be more comfortable after that time. I am still afraid to buy anything and we haven't begun to pick anything out either.

I will try to be better and updating this thing!