Friday, July 17, 2009

28 weeks

Not a good week in the baby world. Some people from our church lost their 8 week old baby to SIDS this week. I am not sure I can go to the visitation. I am not sure I can handle it, especially now. Had a bad ultrasound yesterday. Had to have another one becuase during my 22 week one they could not meaure the baby's heard due to his/her positioning. Well again, my stubborn child hindered them from seeing the heart again yesterday. She was able to see all 4 chambers but that's it. The heartbeat was normal -- 145, but they want me to go to a specialist to make sure everthing else heart-related is okay. Also they saw a "potential" skull abnormality that they want checked out. So Andy and I have an appointment at St. V's in Toledo for July 28th. That's an awful long way to wait. It's going to be a difficult 11 days.

Also I failed the initial glucose test so I have to have a 3-hour test on Monday. Fun, Fun.

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